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Fishing is one of those activities that is always gratifying, be it for sport or leisure. Fishing unifies an element of thrill, exhilaration and pride, as you never know what you catch the next time you start angling with a rod. 

The most important equipment for any fisherman would be his fishing rod. Some might argue that lines, hooks and bait should get the same level of consideration as the rod itself.

But lines get ripped, hooks frequently bend, and the lures go missing all the time. The plus side is, they can easily be replaced.

A Rod however, is a tool that can be used for decades. It is built to withstand high levels and long periods of stress caused by agile and repulsive deep water dwellers.

A fishing rod is a vital tool that can make the difference between a successful catch and a missing hook. Buying a fishing rod can be tricky, especially when there are hundreds of them in the market. Finding the ideal rod can make a momentous difference in your fishing adventures.

Fishing Rod Buying Guide

The type of rod you need depends on how and where you use it. Are you a fresh or salt water angler? Do you like to cast your lure at far distances? Perhaps you want a portable rod that can be fitted in your backpack.

The most clichéd thought in one’s mind would be expensive rods gets the job done. This is far from the truth. There are many inexpensive rods that can be as good to catch fresh water trout and bass.

So what should you look for when buying a fishing rod? Here is a guide that will help you decide.


Fishing rods can range anywhere between 4 feet to 14 feet in length, with 6-8 feet being the most commonly used.

Both short and long rods are used for slightly different purposes. But in a general sense, the longer the rod, the farther you can cast your lure. Furthermore, shorter rods are better at close quarters as they have limited flex and gives you the most control over a repulsive and agitated fish.

Longer rods are used to cast lures at protracted distances, thus they can cover more water. They are used primarily by anglers for power fishing in saltwater. Although they can also be used for freshwater and close fishing just like their shorter counterparts, they are best suited for catching deep water fishes.


Materials differ from rods to rods. It is what gives the rod its strength and flexibility, which are the two crucial characteristics that defines a good rod.

Most rods are made of carbon or fiberglass. Carbon based rods are lightweight and stiff. One drawback of carbon based rods is that they are brittle. They tend to snap off when coming across high tensile forces.

On the other hand, because of the lightweight nature of these rods, they are very sensitive to vibrations. The vibrations can give you an idea if a fish is pecking the lure or is just in its vicinity.

Fiberglass rods are known for their longevity. These rods are built to withstand high tension. However, the bulky nature of the rod can be somewhat challenging for anglers.

The best material to look for in a rod would be a Carbon and Fiberglass composite. They are strong, flexible and lightweight, that’s what makes them versatile.

Power and Action

Power determines the flex of the rod, whereas the action is the point where the rod starts to bend.

A rod with high power is stiffer and is ideal for big fishes as they require a considerable amount of strength to be caught.

Light power rods are suitable for small fishes as their bites become more prominent with sensitive rods, making them easier to catch.

The action determines the point where the rod will start to bend. Action ranges from slow to fast with the latter bending closer from the tip and the former bending closer from the handle.

Faster action rods are used to fight big fishes as the rods need to have a strong backbone in order to catch them. Rods with slower action are preferred for small fishes.


The choice of handles are subjective. They are usually made with cork or foam. It comes down to personal preference as one might prefer cork over foam or vice versa.

Whichever you choose, make sure that there is enough friction so that it doesn’t slip from your hands and at the same time, provides a comfortable grip.

Reel Seat

The reel seat is where the reel is positioned on the rod. It is important to have a reel seat that can perfectly cushion the reel. Otherwise, the reel won’t bind up when being retracted, and it will be difficult to remove the reel.

A good reel seat will eliminate any wobble as it causes problem when handling a reeled fish. Good reel seats will give a wobble free handling, making it easy to use.

Top Fishing Rod Reviews

Plusinno Telescopic fishing rod


  • Length – 1.8m to 3.3m
  • Power – Medium/Heavy
  • Material - Carbon fiber with fiberglass
  • Weight – 250g

The Plusinno Fishing Rod comes in four sizes, ranging from 1.8 meters to 3.3 meters with the 2.7m being the most popular. The rod is assembled using a sturdy and flexible carbon fiber and fiber glass composite that is built to withstand the test of time.

The rod is suitable for fresh and saltwater fishing. The stainless-steel exterior resists corrosion, hence bolstering its longevity. The sturdy and secured reel provides a solid grip for a comfortable handling.

The blank is made from graphite that is delicate to the slightest nibbles making it easier for anglers to be aware of the vicinity around the bait.

The Rod is also equipped with an EVA foam instead of cork, hence it’s inexpensive and easy to clean. It also provides better handling and control making it ideal for any fishing conditions.

The superior flexibility allows the anglers to cast hooks over long distance using both large and small baits, with the bend starting from the last half of the rod making it ideal for topwater lures or crankbaits.

The rod is equipped with aluminum oxide guides that resists corrosion. The overall light weight and robust construction of the fishing rod can hold up to 40 grams of lure weight, ideal to catch small to moderate size fish. The rod is also ideal for sea fishing, where the hooks can be casted in deeper waters.

The telescopic rod can be retracted to small, compact segments that can be secured in positions. The retraction turns the rod into a 20-inch unit making it portable and easy to store. With an affordable price tag, durability and excellent handling features, the Plusinno telescoping fishing rod is an ideal tool for beginners to experienced anglers.

Highlighted Features

  1. Made with carbon fiber and fiberglass composite that is lightweight, durable, and flexible.
  2. Stainless steel reel seats that prevents corrosion.
  3. Features an EVA foam grip that gives exceptional control.
  4. The rod is retractable, making it easy to carry and store.
  5. Aluminum Oxide guide inserts can handle any types of lines.


  • Not suitable for catching large fish.

Ugly Stik elite fishing rod


  • Length – 1.37m to 2.28m
  • Power – Medium/Heavy
  • Material - Graphite with fiberglass
  • Weight – 200g

The Ugly stik comes with additional 35% graphite compared to its predecessors. This make the rod light weight and durable. Ugly stik fishing rods are well known for their reliability and easy to use, the elite rod is no different.

The rod is a single piece stainless steel construction. This feature allows the rod to maintain its rigidity and at the same time resists corrosion that may occur due the salt water. It is made from fiberglass and graphite composite with a clear tip, it enhances the lightweight feel while being sensitive to the smallest nibbles.

Featuring an exposed blank style reel design, the reel is firmly attached to the base. The stainless-steel cushions allow the reel to fit in a securely in the newly designed skeleton key seat, this results in unwanted jiggling when a fish is caught.

Unlike the EVA foam used on the Plusinno fishing rod, the ugly stik features cork grips, that adds friction to eliminate slippage and adds firmness to the overall construction of the fishing rod. The single unibody design eliminates pop outs that may occur when dealing with strong resistance from agitated fish.

The ugly stik elites comes in varying sizes ranging from 4’6” to 7’6”. With a simplistic design, the elite rod eliminates additional attachments that are found in various high-end fishing poles, making it less complex. The ugly stik elite is compatible for any water bodies, be it fresh or saltwater making it a perfect multipurpose tool for one’s fishing adventures.

Highlighted Features

  1. Graphite construction makes the rod thin, lightweight and sensitive.
  2. Features a clear tip that gives the rod its strength, durability, and sensitivity.
  3. Matte black finish with updated graphics gives the rod a sleek and minimalistic look.
  4. Premium cork grips that enhances grip.
  5. Innovative guide rings that can handle any types of line.


  • Lacks sensitivity compared to other Ugly Stik variants

Plusinno Kids fishing pole


  • Length – 120cm to 150cm
  • Power – Medium
  • Material – Metal and plastic
  • Weight – 300g

The Plusinno kids fishing pole is a comfortable and easy to use pole that is designed for children. The pole comes with a kit that is ser friendly, and is a n excellent tool for kids to start their fishing adventures. It also comes in various colors which appeals to children of different age groups.

The kit comes with a rod, a spincast reel, fishing lines and tackles that are essential tools for fishing. The rod comes in two sizes ranging from 120CM to 150CM. Regular poles can be difficult to use for children as it requires a certain technique to operate. With this rod it can be used from the get go.

The reel is designed in a way that can be easily winded after catching a fish. The soft grip of the fishing pole provides a comfortable grip that perfectly nestles into a child’s hand. As majority of the pole is made up of plastic, it will not be able to withstand high amount of weight.

The rod comes with a reel with a short line that is ideal for children and is a great way for them to gain fishing experience.

Highlighted Features

  1. Lightweight and collapsible, making the pole easy to carry and store.
  2. Comes with all the essentials needed for fishing.
  3. Features a spin cast fishing reel so you don’t have to worry about line twists.
  4. Ideal for children who want to start fishing.
  5. Comes with a tackle box that includes multiple lure types.


  • Plastic parts can break easily, making it less durable.
  • The short length of the rod limits the angling range.

Sougayilang fishing rod


  • Length – 3.6m
  • Power – Medium Light
  • Material - Carbon fiber with metal
  • Weight - 329g

The sougayilang fishing rod is a thin bodied rod that is suitable for spinning reel fishing. It is made up of a 24-ton carbon fiber and E-glass composite which makes it strong and reliable. The strong composite means that the rod can withstand high amount of resistive forces, without breaking. The Carbon fiber gives the rod a perceptible weight reduction coupled with an increased tensile strength.

The rod comes with a unique reel seat which is manufactured using CNC machined aluminum. This makes the rod resistant to corrosion and increases its longevity. The rod can be easily collapsed to fit in most storage space further increasing its portability.

The Sougayilang fishing rod is used by everyday fishermen as it is easy to operate. Unlike the aluminum oxide guides used in Plusinno telescopic fishing rods, the guides are made with high quality ceramic.

The Rod features an EVA foam that enhances grip and the handling characteristics of the rod. The supplied reel also comes with a reverse anti-lock mechanism that prevents the reel from winding backwards.

Compared to the Plusinno telescopics and the ugly stik, the rod doesn’t hold up to the weight as the former rods do. The ball bearings cannot withstand high amount of forces caused by large fish and as a result, this rod is limited to small to moderates size fishing.

One drawback of the rod is that it has to be rinsed after using as salt water corrodes the small screws that are in the rod. With a relatively cheap price tag compared to the Plussinno and Ugly stik, the sougayilang is still a good option and can be used as a secondary fishing pole.

Highlighted Features

  1. Ultralight collapsible nature of the rod makes it easy to store and travel with.
  2. Made with a carbon fiber and E-glass composite, making it durable.
  3. Ideal for fishing in saltwater and freshwater.
  4. Features a 3-point stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts.
  5. Comes with a high density EVA foam that provides a comfortable grip.


  • Lightweight option not available for certain lengths.

Sougayilang fishing rod combo


  • Length – 3.6m
  • Power – Medium Light
  • Material - Carbon fiber with metal
  • Weight - 329g

The Sougayilang fishing rod combo comes in 4 sizes ranging from 1.8m to 2.7m. The rod is ideal for small freshwater and saltwater fishes. It weights approximately 230 grams and is made with a strong and lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum composite with the guide rings are brightly colored for visibility.

The metal reel is made up of CNC aluminum that can be collapsed for portability. The full metal reel features a 13+1 ball bearings for smooth performance. The reel comes in a honeycomb pattern that lightens the rod. The gears have a 5:5:1 ratio for a smooth jiggle free operation. The EVA knob provides a comfortable grip and eliminates slippage.

The Sougayilang strikes a perfect balance between strength and flexibility. The retracted segments firmly locked in the positions with minimal effort. The tip of the rod is covered with silicone guards that protects the guard rings. Being lightweight and sturdy means the lure can be casted to great distances.

Compared to the Plusinno telescopic rod and the Ugly stik, the sougayilang fishing rod combo is best suited for light fishing as the rod has a reeling weight of approximately 5 to 10 pounds.

The streamlined body makes the rod sensitive to vibrations with a line lay oscillation system than can tackle the resistivity of a fish. The smoothness of the reel can detect slight changes in movement.

The rod is engineered any a way that makes it usable for both beginners and experienced anglers alike. Although the sturdiness of the rod, it cannot handle the resistive tensions well when the reeling weight is exceeded.

The Sougayilang fishing rod combo is a perfect tool and suited for boat, reef, and rock fishing due to its versatility.

Highlighted Features

  1. The carbon fiber and metal construction makes the rod lightweight and durable.
  2. CNC Aluminum spool with a honeycomb design makes it lightweight which is ideal for long time fishing.
  3. High quality and brightly colored ceramic guide gives the rod a premium feel.
  4. Retractable design makes the rod easy to carry.
  5. Features a one way clutch system with 13+1 precision bearing and 5:5:1 speed ratio.


  • Not suitable for catching big fish.


The type of fishing rod you buy will impact your fishing experience. As we saw there are several factors that determine a fishing rod. It is therefore important to choose a rod that fits your technique. There are ideal rods for most fishing techniques but the best rods are the ones that are versatile. Also, one has to consider the type of fish they intend to catch and start from there.

Fishing rods should strike the perfect balance between strength and rigidity. They should also be lightweight so that they can be easily handled when reeling a fish. Although anglers can buy a rod that fits their need, it is always wise to own a rod that can be used in any situation at any given conditions. Those that can be used in any water bodies be it fresh or saltwater. Given you have the right rod, it can help you land a great catch.

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