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Jewelry and fashion accessories need a special care and place to maintain them safely. Many women tend to lose their favorite jewelry accessories because of misplacement. Jewelry organizers help you to keep all your jewelry safe in one place without any damages. To manage your necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets you definitely need a Jewelry organizer to help you in achieving easy accessibility and utility. You don't have to waste your time untangling all the chains and necklaces if you own the best Jewelry organizers.

Jewelry organizers also help you in the time of traveling to protect your Jewelry during journey time. There are many different types of Jewelry organizers present in the current market. You need to choose the one that matches your taste and personal preferences. Before choosing the one, you need to consider few factors that guide you to choose the best jewelry organizers. Here is the buying guide which explains you everything about best jewelry organizers and best travel jewelry organizers along with top seven best jewelry organizers for you.

Buying Guide of Best Jewelry Organizer

Choosing a jewelry organizer is a pretty confusing task and you need to show your patience while the selection. Jewelry organizers come in different sizes, shapes, colors, lengths, and models.

Here is the buying guide to explain you few ideal qualities about jewelry organizers.

1. How did we pick?

In order to pick the best Jewelry organizers, we have conducted tremendous research with the help of our expert team. After doing more than 100 hours of research, spending time reading different books and articles, researching on the internet about them, talking to women about their jewelry accessories, talking to different jewelry designers we have collected huge information about Jewelry organizers.

  • Materials used: The materials used in the manufacturing of the jewelry organizers must be of premium quality and highly durable. The outer part of the jewelry organizers should be made up of sturdy material to make it very strong. The interior portion of the jewelry organizers should be made up of velvet material and smooth material to protect the jewelry from scratches. The quality of the material used in the jewelry organizers describes the durability of the product.
  • Types of Jewelry Organizers: Jewelry organizers are designed with different types of models based on the purpose and preferences of the user. Here are top six types of jewelry organizers.
  • Jewelry Tree: Jewelry tree is a girl's most favorite tree and classic choice for women of all ages. It comes with a stand on a foot which consists of hooks from all the sides. You can quickly hang your jewelry easily with this organizer.
  • Jewelry cabinet: Jewelry cabinet is also known ad Jewelry armoire which comes with a large cabinet to place all your jewelry stuff. Jewelry cabinet is the best choice if you have so many jewelry accessories and you need more space for your jewelry. Owning a mini closet full of jewelry is every girl's little dream. You can get this if you would love to own your own treasure cabinet.
  • Design: The design of the jewelry organizer must be well designed, easily accessible, convenient to use and portable. Most of the manufacturers take help from professional designers who work very hard to design the jewelry organizer to suit all the needs of the user. Jewelry organizers are designed with hooks, velcros, holes, racks, hanging arms, removable trays and many other structures to secure your jewelry in a safe place.
  • Durability: Jewelry organizers must last for a long time because no one can invest in them all the time. Many people face a problem with jewelry organizers which may bend easily due to the little weight of jewelry accessories. To avoid this problem and damages, you need to invest in high-quality jewelry organizers which always stay strong and hold on to 2-5 jewelry pieces at a time. Jewelry organizers made up of good quality materials and best design can last for a long time.
  • Versatility: Women use million different types of jewelry accessories which are different in size, shape, model, and type. Necklaces, chains, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches and many other types. Jewelry organizer must be versatile to organize all the types of accessories at one place. Jewelry organizer should be designed with different features to hold all kinds of jewelry pieces.
  • Innovative Features: Latest jewelry organizers are designed with wide ranges of innovative features which enhance the experience of the user. Few jewelry organizers are designed with built in mirror in which you can view yourself during the time of makeup. Mirrors in the jewelry organizers may come in three sizes: small, medium and big in which you can view the whole image some manufacturers include LED lights inside the jewelry organizer to help the user to view all the accessories easily. These features provide extra help for the users and give out the best.
  • Frame: The outside frame of the jewelry organizers must look very beautiful and should increase the beauty of the bedroom. The frame must be very smooth, powder coated, easy to use and convenient to hold. As jewelry accessories are sensitive and my break due to heavy pressure, you need to use the whole organizer with care.
  • Number of Compartments: The number of compartments is the capability of the jewelry organizers. The number of compartments means the more space you can get in the whole product. Most of the jewelry organizers may have 40-60 compartments designed to hold different sort of accessories.
  • Storage space: It is totally your personal preferences. If you have a huge number of jewelry accessories you can choose the jewelry organizer with more storage space. If you have less number of accessories you can choose jewelry organizer with less storage space.

2. Reasons to trust us:

In order to pick the best Jewelry organizers, we have done good research with our expert team. We have spoken to women to know their needs in Jewelry organizers. We have personally used many products to distinguish all the features. To know what's best we have carefully analyzed every feature clearly. We have contacted manufacturers of these products to know secrets about the design of the product. We have considered many factors to choose the best one. We have conducted different practical tests on the products and noted every point. We have collected a lot of data to finalize the list.

3. Why you should get this:

One of the most annoying problems of women is missing their fashion and jewelry accessories. Rings, necklaces, earrings and other accessories are small in size and you may lose it everywhere. Also placing the jewelry in different places can cause damage to the part and spoil your favorite accessories. Keeping all the jewelry in a place may cause tangling or breakage issues. As a solution for this, Jewelry organizers are invented. From ancient times, Queens used to own Jewelry organizers in which they can store all their royal Jewelry safely in one place. Women who own a lot of Jewelry definitely needs a Jewelry Organizer to perfectly store all the Jewelry. Jewelry organizers help you to organize all your jewelry in one place without issues of tangling and mix ups. In the time of traveling, you can take all your jewelry safely these organizers.

4. How we tested:

Testing process of the Jewelry organizers is a fun part and also a tough task. There are thousands of different designs and models of Jewelry organizers available in the present market. But to choose the best one we have conducted series of tests with the help of our expert team. We have collected top thirty Jewelry organizers that are sold in the market. We have carefully checked all the products and based on the buying guide we have filtered the products. We have selected seven products and took them to the practical test. In the practical test, we have brought a lot of Jewelry and gave them to seven women to organize on our products. They started organizing the accessories based on the size and shape. We have used heavy chains, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. After organizing all the accessories we have collected a report from those women. All the products in our list are best in looks, compatible, versatile, unique, functional, strong, premium quality and the best in all terms. So, we finalized top seven products and brought them here for you.

5. Care and Maintainance:

Jewelry organizers need a very little care and maintenance. As your jewelry accessories are sensitive in nature you need to handle the product with care. Place all your jewelry in respect places and carefully keep the back after usage. After usage, wipe your jewelry to clean sweat and dead cells to avoid bacteria. Maintaining your jewelry organizers cleanly gives you the perfect results. Keep them away from water to avoid any damage. Clean them frequently to avoid dust and bacteria.

Best Jewelry Organizers in 2019:

Choosing the best Jewelry organizers based on the qualities listed in the buying guide is a tough task as it is hard to find a product with all those qualities. It takes a lot of time and energy to shop for the good jewelry organizers. To reduce your stress, we have brought this list of top seven best jewelry organizers for you.

1. Misslo Jewelry Hanging Non-Woven Organizer Holder :

Misslo Jewelry Organizer is our top pick in this list and one of our most favorite product. This jewelry organizer is a solution for all your problems with your jewelry. With the help of 32 clear pockets and Velcro loops, you can easily organize all your jewelry in this product. Clear pockets make it easy for you to see all your jewelry accessories. It takes very small space in your room and can be your best friend in organizing your fashion accessories. You just need a hanger to hang it in your favorite place.


  • Designed with 32 clear vinyl pockets, 18 hooks, and loop closures which help you to hang all your jewelry.
  • Designed with Velcro straps that protect your long necklaces from tangling.
  • The dimensions of this organizer are 30 3/4 inch H 1/3 inch W that has a hole on the top of the hanger.
  • Designed with transparent PVC window that helps you to view everything easily.
  • Necklace Velcro tabs are very strong to hold heavy chains.


  • Best design
  • Very strong


  • Issues with Velcro

2. Jewelry Box - 28 Section Classic Jewelry Organizer with Modern Buckle Closure:

Glenro Jewelry box is manufactured by Glenor Co which always promises the best and high-quality products. It is designed with 28 unique compartments which come in different shapes and sizes to suit rings, earrings, watches, and necklaces. The total design of this box is unique and attractive. It comes with a large mirror inside that allows you to view yourself during makeup. Glenro Jewelry box is completely made up of PU leather that gives smooth exterior. The total interior is covered with soft velvety fabric that protects the box against scratches and gives a royal look.


  • The design is convenient to use and made up of high-quality materials.
  • It is designed with 28 unique compartments with different shapes and sizes.
  • Designed by professional designers to bring out the best balance of modern, beauty and classic jewelry box.
  • It is designed with a gorgeous large mirror.
  • It consists of the attractive metal buckle.


  • Best looks
  • Versatile


  • Too big for traveling

3. SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror 2 Drawers White:

Songmigs Jewelry box is a Jewelry Cabinet which comes with a lockable system. It consists of LED light with auto on and off system which allows you to choose your accessories easily in lighting. It is designed with a full-length mirror that gives you head to toe view for your outfit and provides you the best performance. The whole interior is made up of high-quality DF frame and comfy velvet lining that protects your jewelry from damages.


  • Designed with a large glass mirror which helps you to view easily.
  • Designed with LED light system with 6 autos on and off LED lights.
  • Designed as a lockable cabinet.
  • Interior is made up of the sturdy frame and smooth velvet liner.


  • Full-length mirror
  • Large storage capacity


  • Issues with breakage

4. Longstem Organizers Over-Door/Wall Jewelry Organizer:

Longstem organizers is a door/wall jewelry organizer with most attractive looks and best utility. It is designed with two door mounts and two wall months which helps you to place them easily. It is made up of heavy duty carbon steel which makes it very strong. It consists of a removable plastic tray that has six compartments.


  • Designed with 38 hooks and can hold up to 300 pieces beautifully.
  • Provides convenient and easy accessibility to your jewelry collection.
  • It is made up of heavy duty carbon steel.


  • Durable
  • Best design


  • Too small

5. Donna Walsh, The Ultimate Jewelry Scroll - Hanging Storage Organizer:

Donna walsh Jewelry organizer comes in the fifth position of our list and can help you to organize all your jewelry collection. It consists of 42 ultimate clear pockets and 27 hooks which help you to store all your jewelry in one space. You can store over 150 Jewelry pieces like all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. It consists of ultra strong loops which can support 2-3 jewelry pieces at a time. It comes in stylish colors and decor enhanced prints.


  • Designed with the polyester blend
  • You can hold over 25 bracelets, 42 pairs of earrings, 44 necklaces and 30 rings
  • Designed with strong loops and clear pockets
  • The whole design is durable and beautiful


  • Adds decor to your room
  • Very strong product


  • Issues with velcro loops

6. LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire with Mirror Jewelry Holder Organizer Storage:

Langria Jewelry Armoire is a wonderful armoire with many unique features.You can arrange your jewelry perfectly in this Jewelry Armoire without any tangling problems. It comes with a large mirror in which you can view yourself in a large image. The interior of this Armoire is made up of black fabric lining that prevents all your accessories from scratches and other damages.


  • It is made up of durable MDF material which is very strong and protective.
  • It consists of 108 earrings slots, 18 necklaces, bracelet hooks, 84 rings slots,11 compartment and 36 earring holes.
  • It is designed with 4 angle tilting design.
  • It has black fabric lining that prevents your jewelry.
  • It is designed with a full-length mirror.


  • Best design
  • Durable


  • Issues with a lock

7. Modern Black Metal 3 Tier Tabletop Bracelet & Necklace Jewelry Organizer Display Tree Rack w/ Ring Tray:

Modern Jewelry organizer is a treasure for all your jewelry accessories. It is an elegant and stylish jewelry tree which is made up of sturdy metal with the classic black finish. IT consists of 3 upright poles and hanging bars. You can get this organizer if you are looking for the best one for your jewelry collection.


  • Made up of sturdy metal.
  • It is metal jewelry tree.
  • It has 3 vertical poles placed in 3 different heights.


  • Well designed
  • Strong


  • Bending issues


So, here is the list of top seven best jewelry organizers. Now save your time from shopping and choose the best one which suits all your needs. Choose the one based on your personal needs and preferences. Jewelry and fashion accessories are something women use on daily basis. We all know that it is a hard task to find the suitable jewelry from a bundle of different accessories. Jewelry organizers perfectly organize your life by organizing your jewelry products. It resolves all the missing accessories problems and helps you to save your time.

Happy Shopping!

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