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How To Dye Your Hair At Home

how to dye your hair at home

You want to dye your hair by yourself, but don't know how?? Let me assure you have come to the right place. I know the prospect of dying your hair can be intimidating (I nearly had a heart attack during my first time), but once you get to know about the process, it would be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

The one question we all ask ourselves when dyeing our hair for the first time, what if I commit a blunder? Well, the question that we should ask ourselves is, why do we commit blunders? The answer is because of our lack of knowledge about the process. Then how can we avoid these blunders?? Off course, by gaining knowledge.

Well, my dear, I am here to provide just that. I have consulted with many celebrity hairstylists about what is the most effective way to dye your hair at home, and what are the precautions we must take in order to avoid a mishap. Besides, I also know a thing or two about this, as I am a hairstylist myself.

Therefore, without much ado, let us turn our attention to the hair dying process.

Below are 5 DOs to make sure that, you get your desired shade and hair color after dyeing your hair.

​DO #1 - Buy Two Boxes

Imagine that you are halfway through your hair dyeing process, and then the dye runs out. I know, the prospect is more frightening than facing the White Walkers (Game of Thrones fans will be able to relate). Thus, to make sure that your nightmare does not turn into reality, you must spend a few extra bucks and buy two boxes.

DO # 2 - Conduct A Test On Your Hair Strands

​Before trying a new shade, please try it on a few trimmed hairs of yours. If you are satisfied with the result, bingo!! If not, then you are better off without this color.

DO #3 - Get Yourself A Color Brush​

I concede that squirting the color out and spreading it all over your hair with your own hands is very simple and tempting, however, it also tends to be odorless and could jeopardize your chance of getting a perfect hair dye. Therefore, it is wise to invest a little money into buying a color brush which would make sure that dye is being distributed evenly and give you a great finish.​

​DO #4 - Buy A Shade Lighter Than You Want

Don't get fooled by the image on the box. Remember one thing, hair dye nearly every times comes out darker than the pic on the box. Besides, it is much easier to increase your color intensity than to tone it down.

DO #5 - Use Coconut Oil For Bleaching Your Hair

coconut oil

​First of all, bleaching your hair could be tricky, and could bring about hair damage, orange madness, and unanticipated outcomes. I personally recommend that you should not attempt bleaching and leave it to the professionals, as it is a very complex process. But, if you have decided to do it anyway, and searching the best way to bleach hair, then that process must include the usage of coconut oil. As it replicates the development of natural oils in our hair and makes sure that both our hair and scalp are protected from bleach.

Below are 5 DON’Ts to ensure that you get a perfect hair color.

DON’T #1 - Take Shower

​It is suggested by expert hair stylists that we skip shower a day before we plan to dye our hair. The natural oils of our scalps work as a buffer in order to counteract irritation. In addition to this, second-day hair is much easier to section, which plays a vital role in the even distribution of color. Therefore, say no to shower before you make plans to dye your hair.

DON’T #2 - Pick Someone Else's Hair Color​

You are setting yourself up for doom if you are picking someone else's hair color for yourself. It is imperative that you take note of your eye color and skin tone before deciding which color to dye your hair with. So, please remember it is your hair you are dyeing not your friend with blue eyes and pinkish skin tone.

DON’T #3 - Treat Your Roots And Ends As The Same​

​One crucial mistake that every newbie makes while dyeing their hair is that they deal with their root and end of their strands in the same manner. But both of them are poles apart, and if you dye them in the same way, you are not going to look normal and possibly look like an alien (I love aliens despite never meeting them ).

DON’T #4 - Use One Color Only​

Although I don't know anything about you, I can say this with full certainty that, you are not dyeing your hair to look dull and boring, and dyeing your beautiful hair with only one color will make you just that. Furthermore, you don't have to be as wise as Dumbledore to realize that, it would be better for you to buy two shades which would provide you a more attractive (and that's what you want to look like) look.

DON’T #5 - Dye Your Hair Again And Again​

As dyeing hair at home is inexpensive, it often brings about a tendency in ourselves to dye our hair frequently. But it will do nothing but harm to you as overlapping colors makes our hair weak and prone to break easily. This often results in a contrast of colors between your roots and end of strands, which could be fatal for your desired looks.

Now that I have bored you with some tedious, although important tips, now let us get to the real deal; hair dyeing process.

​The First Phase

Step 1: Take A Shower


You need to take a shower. No, not just before dyeing your hair, you need to take the shower at least 24 hours ago and preferably 48 hours ago. Believe it or not, dirty hair is ideal for hair dyeing. Due to this, natural oil gets the opportunity to develop, and natural oil is very important for the process as it enables the dye to bind well with the hair. Also, avoid conditioner if you can, as it is detrimental to the health of natural oil (or should I say existence, as conditioners completely destroy the natural oils).

Step 2: Choose A Color Of Your Preference

If it's your first time, then don't go for the extreme. Don't try more than 2 shades darker or brighter than your natural hair color( I did once and it was a spectacular failure). I had suggest that you choose a temporary or a semi-permanent dye. For, if it goes wrong, then you won't be stuck with an unwanted color for long.

Step 3: Protect Yourself From Dye Stains​

You want to dye your hair not your favorite clothes and your floor, therefore wear a worn-out shirt and cover your surroundings with newspapers. Also, you might want to drape yourself in a towel, as it will consume the dye that will drip off of your hair.

Step 4: Wear Your Gloves​

Now you are ready to operate on your hair, and just like a good surgeon please put on your gloves. Don't, if you are one of those who likes stained hands (not that I have anything against them).

Step 5: Mix The Dye​

You will find instructions on the box about how to mix the ingredients. Use a bottle or a bowl to blend the ingredients.​

Step 6: Section

Unless you want irregular patches on your hair, you must divide your hair into sections (preferably 4). This will enable you to distribute the dye on your hair properly.

​Step 7: Divide The Sections Into Subsections

Split each section into 2 to 4 subsections. It will make your work more neat and clean and also even.

​Step 8: Use Your Stopwatch



It is of utmost importance that, you follow the instructions given in the box regarding time properly. You should neither wash the dye out before the prescribed time nor leave it more than the given time. And to keep track of the time, use a stopwatch.

The Final Phase​

Step 1: Rinse Your Hair

When you have completed your recommended time period, you can finally take a shower and wash your dye out. Warm water would be best for rinsing your hair.

Step 2: Shampoo Your Hair​

You can shampoo your hair, but please wait for at least 60 minutes before filling your hair with foams. Besides, you can also apply conditioner on your hair.

Step 3: Dry Your Hair​

how to dye hair at home

And finally, you can dry your hair, after that, you will be able to decide whether your endeavour was a failure or a success. If you are unhappy with your hair color, then wait at least a fortnight before changing it again.

There you go! Wish you luck for your hair dyeing process. Let me how it all went in the comment section below. I love to hear from you over time. Kudos!​

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