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9 Ideas On How To Organize Your Jewelry

How To Organize Jewelry

Women’s one of the most annoying task is untangling the mess of Jewelry accessories! Finding that one piece of jewelry you want from bundles of other accessories is a real pain and takes all your time.

Every woman owns a decent amount of Jewelry collection depending upon personal style. Jewelry accessories like earrings and rings can be lost anywhere and necklaces and chains can get tangled which takes hours of time untangle.

The jewelry box is an old way to organize your jewelry. In ancient days, Queens used to have huge Jewelry boxes to store their tons of Jewelry accessories by which it takes a lot of time to select what they want. But, modern women are very innovative and creative.

Organizing your jewelry in creative ways can help you to gain easy access to everything. You can choose the best method depending on the type of jewelry you have, space available and other factors.

Here are some of the steps about how to organize Jewelry:

1. Divide and Identify: 

It is the first step you need to do to organize your Jewelry correctly. First, make a plan and divide all your accessories. Rings, bracelets, chains, long chains, necklaces, earrings divide everything depending on size and shape. Earrings and rings need a secured place as they are small and can be lost easily.

Long chains, necklaces need something that can protect them from tangling. After identifying all your Jewelry accessories shop for the holders, jewelry drawers and you can also customize your own jewelry holders based on your personal preference.

2. Jewelry tree:

Jewelry tree is one of the best ideas to organize your jewelry. It is fun to use, displays everything beautifully, adds decor to your room, makes all your favorite pieces accessible and overall it looks amazing. You can simply hang all your bracelets, necklaces, bangles, long earrings and rings from all the branches of the tree.

As Jewelry tree has many branches you can hang dozens of your Jewelry accessories easily. You can make or buy a Jewelry tree and make sure to buy the one made up of high-quality materials. Making a Jewelry tree is a fun task because you can customize the branches and decorate it to suit your style.

3. Picture frame and wall organizers:

Wall organizers are jewelry cabinets that can be hung on your wall in your room. You can also customize a shallow cabinet with wood and decorate it with paint, fabric, velvet lining, hooks and knobs that help you to store your Jewelry safely.

If you have shelf or dressing table you can drill holes and attach some hooks so that you can hang your Jewelry. You can also hang your necklaces and chains from makeup mirror or picture frame.

4. Jewelry cups for rings:

You can simply buy a cute teacup or small cups to keep your rings and earrings. You can also buy a small cup and paint it with your favorite designs. You can place these Jewelry cups on the top of your dresser or table.

You can simply take the ring you want and use it. Jewelry cups are very easy to use and they also make a good decor for your room.

5. Diy Jewelry pockets:

Jewelry pockets are made up of a number of compartments in which you can use each pocket to store your jewelry. This type of Jewelry holders is made up of transparent pockets through which you can see all your accessories.

You can get a ready-made hanging Jewelry organizers with pockets.You can also make this kind of jewelry organizers at home with the help of fabric or plastic material. You can store all your bracelets, rings and necklaces in this pockets based on the size and shape.

6. Displaying your Jewelry:

You can also organize all your Jewelry by displaying them in a beautiful way. You can keep track of everything by placing them in a cup, dish, on your dressing table in a simple way.

If you love the artwork, then you can have the most beautiful way to display your jewelry. You can hang your necklaces on the wall by drilling some hooks on your wall or hang your Jewelry onto the flower vase. Fill a glass bottle with sand and drop your accessories like rings, bangles, watches, and bracelets over it.

It looks amazing and you can access everything easily. There are hundreds of creative ways to display your Jewelry just find your way that suits your personal style.

7. Driftwood, Pegboard, Tray and other ideas:

Just bring out a piece of driftwood and dig from hooks into it. You can attach the wood to the wall and then, hang your necklaces and chains on to the hooks. It looks very charming and makes it easy for you.

Jewelry tray is also a way to organize your accessories. You can buy a tray or make a one yourself with paper and glue. Just divide and arrange all your accessories in the tray but be careful not to miss everything.

Empty cup cake containers are hollow and can be helpful to store some of the small earrings, rings, and chains in it. These containers are simple and cute to use.

8. Jewelry Organizers:

There are thousands of Jewelry organizers available in the present market. Buy the best one that matches all your accessories so that you can organize in a stylish way.

Jewelry organizers and holders come with many compartments in which you can put all your accessories depending on size and shape.

If you want to organize your Jewelry in a royal way, these type of holders is for you. They protect your Jewelry and keeps them secured in one place. It helps you to arrange each and every piece safely and keep them dust free.

9. Expensive Jewelry Organization:

No one wants to spoil or lose their costly Jewelry made up of gold, silver, diamonds, gems, and platinum. You need to take special care of them and store them properly.

During the organization, keep in mind that gold, gems, and diamonds may lose shine if you keep them outside. Use plastic jewelry box or metal box to hold your bracelets and necklaces. Store your diamond Jewelry away from all others and also keep them away from each other. Diamonds can scratch each other which causes huge damage to them.

So, keep different boxes for everything and store each piece in own box. Pearl Jewelry is very delicate which needs to be stored in a wooden Jewelry box that is made up Interior with velvet lining. Keep your Jewels away from humidity and store them in a safe place.


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