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How To Organize Makeup

how to organize makeup

Makeup became an important element that adds magic to your physical appearance. Modern women own tons of makeup accessories that enhance their beauty. But the huge problem here is makeup collections are really hard to organize and can get out of hand anytime.

Do you know that women are always late to get ready due to the matter of disorganized makeup accessories? Yes! It is a tough task to find your favorite product in a huge mess of all other collection.

To save yourself from this problem, you need to organize your makeup collections smartly. You can make an investment to get a makeup organizer or you can make it by yourself.

Categorize your accessories based on type, purpose, usage, and size. You need to follow new ways to change your storage system to make it better. Perfect containers and proper methods of storing your collection can make everything manageable.

Organizing your makeup perfectly can save a lot of your time and it is also a step to make yourself well organized. Here are some of the steps that explain to you how to organize makeup.

1. Identify, eliminate and divide:

First of all, identify all your collection and make a note of old and rarely used products. Check for the products that got dry or expired and clear all the waste products. It helps you to know what you need and deletes all the unnecessary stuff. Divide all the products depending upon types like lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, and other products.

This is the main step because you can easily locate what you want by dividing everything. Identify the products that you use in your daily routine beauty care and products you use on occasional dates. Now you need to discover the best place to place all your makeup items in an organized manner.

2. Acrylic containers for elegant storage system:

Most of the Cosmetic organizers are made up of Acrylic material as it is transparent and strong in nature. Acrylic is a plastic material that looks same as glass but is very strong and displays everything.

Acrylic containers have many compartments that suit for all types of makeup products and helps you to see all the things inside. It helps you to make your collection well organized and you can categorize everything.

Also, make sure to buy largest containers to make sure you have enough space to store all your makeup accessories. You can also purchase acrylic trays and assemble everything to make your own customized acrylic container.

3. Containers at your home:

There are a lot of things in our home that we ignore to take a look at them. Find some containers around your home like cups, bags, jars, flower vases, trays, drawers and other things that can store your makeup collection.

If you love art and can make best out of things you can make wonders by this method. Here are some of the homemade makeup organizers ideas for you:

  • Plant pot and decorative rocks: Take a good looking plant pot made up of plastic or other light material. Fill it with decorative rocks or sea sand and keep all your brushes and other little makeup products in it. This Diy gives your room best look and adds nature to your room's decor.
  • Flower vase: You can use empty flower vases to store a lot of your makeup products. Search for old flower vase and paint it to match your personal style. You can use this to keep your makeup collection in an organized manner.

4. Magic of magnet:

You can make an innovative cosmetic storage system with the help of magnets. Many makeup products like compact powder, foundation, blush, eyeshadows, shades come in the containers that are made up of Iron. Prepare a sheet of fabric or plastic and glue some magnets on the back side the sheet. You can simply use magnetic force to attach makeup collections on the magnet sheet.

5. Makeup Stand:

Makeup stand is the perfect way to put your makeup products that you use in your daily makeup routine. You buy or make a makeup stand that suits your personal style. Place the makeup stand on your dressing table or countertop to gain easy access. Makeup stands come with numerous containers of different sizes and shapes to suits your makeup products.

6. Bag for all your brushes:

It is really hard to organize your brushes because they can get lose easily and also store them outside can make them dusty. To keep your brushes clean and clear, make a bag out of fabric or plastic. Most of the beauty gurus use this kind of bags to protect their brushes. You can also purchase a bag for your brushes that are specifically designed with different containers.

7. Hanging organizers:

If you want to save the space in your room and use walls to hang all your makeup products, you can use this sort of makeup organizers. You can make hanging organizers at home with some crafts materials.

You can design it with many pockets to store your different makeup collection. It is a genius way to save your space and also it can make a perfect sized organizer. It suits for your traveling needs as you can roll it off and take it with you anywhere.

8.Mason Jars and plastic bottles:

Mason jars are just very cute in looks and make you fall in love with its beauty. Mason jars are made up of glass and come in different colors. You can use this mason jars to organize your makeup products like eyeliners, mascaras, hair dye, brushes, powders, lip glosses, nail polishes and other things that can fit into mason jars.

Just buy some colorful mason jars or search for unused jars at your home. Also, you can take an advantage of plastic bottles and make out best containers with your art. Find an easy process and cut the plastic bottles according to the size of your makeup products and start using them.

9. Beauty box:

Beauty boxes are one of the best ways to store your makeup collections. You can find a makeup box anywhere, but the better way to achieve best is to shop for the containers by yourself.

Visit a local store and shop for boxes and containers of different sizes and shapes. Make sure you have a good idea about all your collections to avoid any confusion. Choose the containers which are deep, narrow and well built so that your products like lipsticks, eyelash extension glue, mascaras, eyeliners can stand upright and well organized.

Choose shallow containers for items like powders, bronzers, highlighters, and blushes. Depending on the size and type of your products choose the right storage containers. After shopping, assemble everything and organize your makeup kit in the best way.

So, here are the steps to organize your makeup products perfectly. Following this steps can help you to avoid many problems and saves your time!

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